Tahiti covers over two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean, is comprised of 118 islands spread over five great archipelagos.  Many islands are crowned with jagged peaks while others appear to barely float above the breaking waves.  

Three archipelagos most sought by exclusive and eclectic travelers.  The Society Islands: Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea and Taha'a. The Tuamotu Atolls or "Tahiti's Strand of Pearls": the atolls of Rangiroa, Manihi, Tikehau & Fakarava. The Marquesas, "The Mysterious Islands."

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             Things To Do  20-32                                                 
20. How About a Hang Gliding Lesson? This sport is unique in Tahiti because and the multiple rocky points for launching pads for hang gliders. Here's your bird’s eye view of Tahiti from the sky!

21. Try Underwater Spear Fishing
   22. Skysurf at Motu Martin  International
   24. Hunt Wild Pigs (cochon sauvage)  

25. Watch an Outrigger Canoe Race. Racing pirogues are slender canoes around 25 feet long with an outrigger attached to one side and manned by one, three, six or more paddlers. These racing canoes are used in several international class competitions each year.

26. Hike Aorai MountainClimbing Mount Aorai (2,066 m.). A pleasant walk, no guide needed.  There are many professionals offering different   levels of hikes & mountain climbing of 1-4 day circuits. Tiare Mato Expeditions

27. Take a 4-Wheel Drive Excursion to Mount MarauHalf- or full-day trips in the luxuriant tropical forest.

28. Visit the Museum of Tahiti and Her IslandsAn historic area where there was once a marae, a major religious structure. The museum's collections cover archaeology and displays of the native Polynesian natural environment, Polynesian material culture, technology and skills.

29. Visit the Black Pearl Museum. The only museum in the world dedicated to pearls. Multiple displays show you the various aspects of art, history, mythology, philosophy and religion associated with pearls, as well as technical explanations. You will find a collection of pearl producing oysters and shells. Open daily. 

30. Discover the Anchors of Captain Cook and Bougainville. In 1769 Captain James Cook arrived in Tahiti on the HMS Endeavour. He anchored in Matavai Bay to record the transit of the planet Venus as it crossed the face of the sun. This beach park is now called 
Point Venus. Louis-Antoine de Bougainville anchored in Tahiti on August 6, 1768, at PK 38 on the east coast of Hitiaa. You can visit these historic sites driving around the island. 

31. Discover the Marae Temples. The marae or "pagan temples" of ancient Polynesians were built to worship their gods, which sometimes differed from one island to another. There are several kinds of marae; some public, others private. These religious sites contain stone block structures dedicated to the old gods. The sites in Tahiti include: Marae Mahaiatea, Arahurahu, Anapua, and Farehape. Marae Arahurahu  is a restored construction of dry stones. In addition to its use as a place of worship, this marae was also used for important events such as crowning kings, for weddings, war councils and celebrating battle victories. Valley located, it serves as an open-air theater for historical re enactment ceremonies performed each July & August following Heiva Festival. 

32. Visit the Paul Gauguin Museum. An amazing retrospective on his life, the famous French artist who spent his final years in Polynesia. Gauguin's art had a profound influence on the primitive and exotic painters and sculptors of the 20th century. Open daily.

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              100 Things To Do In Tahiti (1-32) 
                                          ... 68 to go!

1. Go Scuba Diving. Tahiti has a variety of sites for all    divers and is a good place to get certified.  The variety of dive          sites in Tahiti includes wrecks to sharks.  At the Aquarium         feed  fish by hand.  Fish come in such abundance  it's  sometimes   difficult to see a few yards ahead.

2. Cruise on a Catamaran with or without a    Skipper.    The romantic bare boat charters in Tahiti. This entails renting a fully provisioned boat for several days or several weeks.     Not up for actually sailing the vessel on your own? "Rent a Skipper", a host   or cook!

3. Take Sailing Lessons. Want to learn sailing? Tahiti's an excellent place to do it.  No wetsuits  required in these warm waters and there several spots on the island perfect for learning. Bring your determination, stamina and we'll provide good wind & sea conditions. 

4. Experience a Mountain Safari by 4-Wheel Drive. Cross Tahiti via the Papenoo valley. The interior of the island can be crossed by a trail that follows the large valley, rich in archaeological sites and spectacular views and includes spectacular waterfalls.

5. Try Surfing. The north coast offers good surfing, where you'll have both beach breaks and reef breaks.  Best time to surf: winter, where big waves from storms in Antarctica and New Zealand arrive. The southern coast has the most breaks, with the exception of the Papara waves.  Popular reef breaks: Taapuna pass, Paea, Papara. 

6. Watch a Surf Competition.  Surrounded by beauty, warm water and blue sky. Stand up on your board and catch that wave!  Dates of surfing competitions depend on wave size during specified periods of time. Check the local newspaper, your desk clerk, or surf shop for up to the minute dates and times.

The Billabong Tahiti Pro is normally held in May.  This Top 44 WCT (world competition tour), takes place on the          Tahiti Iti's west side, in the mythic waves of Teahupoo.

7. Try Bodysurfing or Bodyboarding.  If the breaking waves beckon to you but you're not  quite ready to commit to standing up on a surfboard, try bodysurfing!   Bodysurfing is the art of using or abusing your body to maneuver on a wave.  Places to practice in Tahiti: Taapuna Pass, Paea, Tapuaeaha, Ava iti, etc.

8. Learn Windsurfing. Windsurfing is very popular in Tahiti. There's an abundance of gentle warm water and  gentle breezes in Tahiti, so it's an excellent place to windsurf.  Arue Sailing School gives                                                                windsurfing lessons. 

9. Tee Off at the International Golf Course of Atimaono.  The Olivier Breaud Int'l Golf Course ~ 6,944-yard, par 72 course and Tahiti's
                                        only 18-hole golf course. 

10. Go for an Outing on a Quad. Discover the Papenoo Valley and the heart of the island by Quad, with river crossings, waterfalls and
pure mountain streams. A day with romantic rendezvous you'll
                always remember. 

                                    See 11-19below!

11. Try Horseback Riding. With several first-class facilities available in Tahiti; the horses are usually from the Marquesas Islands. Take a long romantic  ride into the heart of Secret Mountain.

12. Take a Flying Lesson. Go for a flight-seeing tour or take an introductory flying lesson.

13. Drive a Go-Kart. Strap yourself into a go-kart and grip the turns while you accelerate. Tahiti Fun Kart offer driving courses. Why not try it !

14. Go Deep-Sea Fishing. Deep-sea fishing is very popular in French Polynesia. Game fish include marlin, yellow fin tuna, sailfish, swordfish, mahi mahi, barracuda and other pelagic fish.

15. Snorkel a Plane Wreck! Enjoy snorkeling in a beautiful site, dive down in the warm current and see schools of colorful fish nibbling on the coral reef. Watch hundreds of silvery needlefish as they dart about in perfect sparkling unison.

16. Kayak in the Lagoon. Discover the lagoon by kayak. The windward side of Punaauia is one of the most highly acclaimed beaches in Tahiti. 

17. Ride in an Outrigger Canoe. The sparkling surf rolls in to caress sandy beaches and the sun is bright. This Polynesian style canoe is uniquely designed with a single-hull and attached outrigger. Having been in existence for more than 1,000 years, it is capable of traveling across the open ocean and maneuvering over shallow reefs to shore.

18. Try Water Skiing. Introductory and advanced water-ski lessons with qualified instructor, wake-board, ski-tubes, mono-ski and barefoot skiing lessons are on the menu!

19. Experience Barefoot Skiing. Barefoot water skiing is popular and on several parts of the island. Barefoot skiing requires a higher level of fitness and is an adventure. Try the Marina Taina.

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